Wrath & Glory Mega Bundle

Cubicle 7

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In the Grim Darkness of the far future there is only...this DEAL!

This bundle includes the following items:

  • Limited Edition Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook
  • Dark Tides
  • GM Screen
  • Battle Maps: War Zones
  • Blessings Unheralded Adventure
  • Wrath Tokens
  • Wrath Deck
  • Campaign Deck
  • Combat Complications Deck
  • Wargear Card Pack
  • Talents & Psychic Powers Card Pack
  • All contained in a Wrath & Glory Collectors Edition box

Roleplaying in the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium

This accursed age needs heroes more than ever before. Shattered by the Great Rift, the Galaxy is on the brink of oblivion and madness. There are those who fight for a shred of Hope, a glimmering promise that this millennium may yet endure. 

What will you fight for? What will you sacrifice? Enter a galaxy full of danger and mystery, plagued by the star-spanning schemes of the dark gods. You will defend the last bastions of civilization against a rising tide of corruption. You will explore ancient ruins of races long vanished. You will uncover lost secrets and devious schemes. 

This is a game of danger and mystery. This is a game of action and adventure. This is a game about the struggle to hold back the doomsday clock from striking midnight for an entire galaxy. 

This is your story  of Wrath and Glory.