The Star on the Shore - Call of Cthulhu Module - Hardcover Book

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A bizarre statue found in an old, unearthed chapel has vanished. What are the true aims of the shadowy organization desperate to find this nameless relic? Most importantly, what dark secret writhes at the heart of a small, picturesque town perched on the New England coast?

The Star on the Shore is a Call of Cthulhu module for 7th edition, licensed by Chaosium. It can be run with 3 to 10 players and can be for experienced or beginning investigators. This is a sandbox style adveture set in the classic 1920s.

The story is a blend of real history and fiction that gives the story a life of its own. The adventure is the result of two years of research, writing and play testing. The real history is fascinating and flows right into the mythos world with very few changes. The more you discover, the deeper you are drawntoward your own insanity.

In addition, The Star on the Shore comes with a 2nd mini adventure, Key to the Abyss, that can be run in one evening as a standalone or as a side mission for The Star on the Shore.