Star Trek Adventures: Captain's Log Solo TOS Edition RPG Includes PDF


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The Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game is a 326-page, full-color standalone
digest-sized rulebook that provides a complete, streamlined version of the award-winning 2d20 System used for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, which you can use to create your own Star Trek stories with a dynamic character formed from your own imagination.

Whether you are venturing into the cosmos alone, conducting Galaxy-spanning missions cooperatively with friends, or exploring the unknown with a gamemaster facilitating your adventures, use the guidance and random tables contained in Captain’s Log to generate countless hours of memorable adventures in the Star Trek universe.

Create an original character and then use the tools in this book, combined with your fertile imagination, to fashion your own fascinating Star Trek-style stories. Play in any era of Star Trek - from the 21st century to the 32nd century and everything in between. Explore strange new worlds, new civilizations, and all the wonders of the universe!

What will you discover while exploring the final frontier?

The 326-page, full-color digest-sized hardcover Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game features:

A streamlined 2d20 ruleset that enables countless ways to play.
Lifepaths and roles for any type of character, not just Starfleet captains.
Story-driven solo gameplay that promotes drama in a safe space.
A Star Trek primer including society, technology, and eras of play.
Rules for creating or randomizing your own starship or starbase.
Options to play the game solo, collaboratively with friends without a gamemaster, or collaboratively with a gamemaster
Guidance on implementing the rules and telling your own stories.
Over 100 random tables and storytelling matrixes usable in all kinds of games,
including alien worlds and polities, allies and enemies, mission themes, maintenance downtime, and so much more!
Available in four different covers inspired by your favorite Star Trek eras: the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine/Voyager, and Discovery. The interior content is the same for each version.