Purgatory House

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It lurks atop a hill, behind a rusting gate, squatting amidst decades of weeds and neglect. Broken windows grin across the facade like jagged rotting teeth. Unseen eyes peer out with malice at those who pass it by. It watches, waiting, warning us not to venture in.

It creeps into our dreams. An unspeakable horror chasing us through a warren of endless rooms and devious disasters, a maze from which we can never escape.

There are stories about the House. About the witch that lives there. About the couple who bought it years ago and then mysteriously died. About the old man who murdered his wife and kids. About the young woman who poisoned her abusive husband. About the lights that flicker in the windows on All Hallows Eve. About the faces in the shadows that watch from the attic. About the treasure buried in the basement. About the kids who went exploring inside and never returned.

No matter the city, no matter the year, the house is there; a blight on our subconscious, a foundation of the neighborhood. It slumbers, hunger building till another damned soul climbs the hill, opens the gate, crosses the weed-choked yard, and slips inside.

Then the House wakes up… And it feasts!

  • 6" x 9" Hardback Book! (printed in the USA)
  • Easy to Learn "Blackjack" Mechanics!
  • "Toe Tag" Style Character Sheets!
  • 4 Starting Scenarios & 24 Pre-Generated Characters!
  • 46 Unique Rooms & 52 Deadly Obstacles!
  • Totally Replayable! The House is different every time!
  • Pen & Ink Illustrations from Master Artists!


  • Character creation is a snap, but you can jump right in with the included pre-gen characters! 
  • No dice to play, just two decks of regular playing cards (with Jokers!)
  • Definite endgame! A single adventure plays in 2-4 hours.
  • Death is not the end of the action! Dead characters become shades and can still impact the outcome of the adventure.
  • There are no complicated rules to memorize! If you can play Blackjack, you can play Purgatory House!
  • Four starting scenarios are included, with opening descriptions and detailed Horrors!
  • You don't have to create an adventure beforehand! The House Deck determines what rooms open up and what obstacles appear, the Dealer simply interprets how to implement them.
  • The book is filled with examples, gameplay options, and descriptions for each room and obstacle!
  • All challenges are resolved with a hand of Blackjack. A player only takes damage if they bust!
  • Players can exhaust relevant traits to adjust their total score or use found equipment for a one-time bonus!
  • Failure creates "Rising Tension" which makes the next test harder!
  • Jokers (face up in the deck) can either heal a player or summon an Unstoppable Horror!