Invisible Sun RPG: The Black Cube

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Do you dream of escape, but you don’t know from what, or to where? Looking for a chance to escape the insanity of the world, and immerse yourself into something rich, deep, and fantastical? Something that challenges the limits of your creativity and your intellect? If so, then join us and escape the Shadow of the real world. Enter a new Actuality of surreal fantasy where mystical characters wielding fabulous powers discover the secrets of reality itself. Invisible Sun is a role-playing game that extends play beyond the table to accommodate the busy schedule of your life. Play at home with your friends, play online, play one-on-one with the GM at the coffee shop. Become engrossed in compelling stories, with characters as complex and interesting as any in fiction. The Invisible Sun roleplaying game is an unprecedented physical production, filled with massive amounts of content for a unique roleplaying experience. The black cube contains (and this is not an exhaustive list): Four hardcover books totaling over 500 pages of game and setting content. (That’s well over the page count of one of our typical corebooks, such as Numenera.) Roughly 1000 cards. The equivalent of about 200 pages of book content, and for the most part the cards do not duplicate text in the books. The Sooth Deck, a beautiful tarot-like deck that’s instrumental to game play. The Path of Suns game board, used with the Sooth Deck. The Testament of Suns, a resin-cast figure that displays the currently ascendant Sooth Card. A wide variety of tokens for tracking game info. A set of custom Invisible Sun dice. Two cloth maps. A GM’s notebook. Character tomes (similar in function to character sheets in other RPGs) for all four orders, plus apostates. A character grimoire pad. Five pregenerated characters. Loads of in-setting handouts and props. A gorgeous art book. And the Invisible Sun app is free. Invisible Sun is a game about discovery and secrets. There may be other content awaiting your discovery in the black cube.