Dark Adventure Radio Theatre - At the Mountains of Madness

HP Lovecraft Historical Society

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"An expedition to the ends of the earth
resulting in death and madness..."

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: At the Mountains of Madness brings Lovecraft's tale to life as it might have been adapted for radio during his lifetime. In the style of The War of the Worlds and The Shadow, Dark Adventure Radio Theatre dramatizes HPL's story with a cast of professional actors, exciting sound effects and original music by Troy Sterling Nies (composer for The Call of Cthulhu). Relive the excitement of 1930s radio with one of HP Lovecraft's most exciting and fascinating stories: At the Mountains of Madness.

In addition to the full 75 minute radio drama on CD, you'll get these carefully made props from the story to enhance your listening experience:

• A clipping from the Arkham Advertiser chronicling Miskatonic's expedition, including a map and pictures

• Two previously unreleased photographs of the ancient city taken by Danforth and Dyer which corroborate their findings

• A page torn from Danforth's sketchbook, depicting the fantastical murals of the Elder Things and their strange star-shaped stones

And of course it's beautifully produced and packaged with the same deranged attention to detail that you'll find in other HPLHS products. At the Mountains of Madness was our first Dark Adventure Radio Theatre show and remains our bestselling title in the series. And now, if you order the CD, we will email you a link so you can download the audio immediately.