USQ Dungeons and Dragons Club Policy

Hi there member of the USQ D&D Club.

Please note, this is a special offer for your club only, as this is our way of showing appreciation for, and providing support to the gaming community.

I wish to avoid product overlap with other local shops as much as possible.  I am not trying to poach business, but to increase opportunities and choices.  Please consider supporting local bricks and mortar stores as they support the gaming community.

Rare Roleplay are offering a discount to members at a flat rate of 5% off of list price, buy using the discount code USQ2018.

The club itself may buy for itself at a discount of 10% off of list price. The discount code is to be shared with the club admins on request.

Postage is offered at the normal rates, however as I am also local to Toowoomba, you may arrange for a local meet to collect your purchases.

Sales are to be through the Rare Roleplay website,

Orders for products not in stock or listed can be made available on request, the list price alongside the discounted price will be provided for consideration before it is ordered.

For items not in stock, I do not receive orders every week, ordering only when it makes sense for shipping costs.  This means your order might take several weeks, typically three at the most, to arrive to me.  If you wish to pre-order an item, payment is needed two weeks prior to the release date.

The policy for returns and refunds is unchanged from my standard store policy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please let me know if you are wanting to purchase something!

Any further questions, please let me know. If this offer needs to be changed, I will keep you informed. 

Dave Nyman