Official Chaosium Products

Here at Rare Roleplay, one of our key benefits is that we love RPGs and we offer great advice on RPGs.

While it would be possible to stock the Chaosium lines ourselves, we'd need to purchase from an overseas supplier, giving long lead times and inflating costs.

That is why it is our firm belief that the best place to buy Chaosium books and supplements (including the core rules for Call of Cthulhu) is either of the following places.

  • Your FLGS (with Bits & Mortar membership)
    Support your local gaming and hobby stores, you'll save on shipping, and if they are a member of Bits & Mortar you won't miss out on getting the PDFs. 
  • Direct from Chaosium
    Chaosium sell direct to the public, have an Australian based fulfilment centre, and they charge reasonable shipping. Buying from Chaosium also grants you instant access to the PDFs. 

If there is something you're looking for, and you want us to see what we can do, get in touch.

After you've bought your core books, come back and visit us for some quality Chaosium licensed Call of Cthulhu products.